Content curation

Content curation provides context in a crowded world

Content curation is already becoming mainstream

Everyone and every company can be a publisher these days. As everybody is publishing the need for someone to oversee this, detects opposite opinions, spots trends, etc becomes more urgent. This person (or this company) can be you! By re-using third party content and providing context and meaning you add value.

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Five steps in content curation

When you're curating content you follow these five steps:

  1. Finding relevant sources.
  2. Gather information around a theme (your niche).
  3. Document the original source of each article.
  4. Provide context to the article to enhance it's value.
  5. Share and present the information.

Steps 1, 2, 3 and 5 are taken care of by BuzzTalk. This way you can fully focus on the most important task - number 4 - which is to provide context, perhaps explain the article, give your own opinion about it, etc.

Your own magazine on tablets and mobiles

People can read your magazine via the BuzzTalk Reader. This is a free app that runs on Tables and Mobiles. It looks a lot like Flipboard but has several advantages. The most important ones are:

  • You can provide comments to each selected article.
  • You know who your subscribers are.

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Example of a digital magazine

Here are some examples of a digital magzine. Click on an image to enlarge.

  • Here's a screenshot of what a digital magazine looks like:
  • The reader can click on a blue balloon to open the curator's comments:
  • And by clicking on the "i" the author box opens:
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