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Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Find relevant influencers in your field. Follow them and engage them to spread word of mouth. Follow all that's being said that has topical importance and act on it.

Content Discovery

Content Discovery

Use BuzzTalk to discover the latest information about your brand, competitors or industry. Explore results on different levels of aggregation and drill down to the original source.

Decision Support

Decision Support

From finding all relevant content you can zoom out to discover trends and patterns. Use BuzzTalk for spike detection and act upon any changes in your field of interest.


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Why choose us ?

  • World wide monitoring in various languages.
  • Multilingual analysis across countries.
  • Crowd Sourced Learning.
  • Extensive tagging of publications.
  • Mood state analysis.
  • Spike detection.


BuzzTalk captures all new publications surrounding a certain theme. Each publication is tagged according to mood state, sentiment and various facts. This way you can use BuzzTalk as an advanced content discovery and market intelligence instrument.

What client's say ?

"It is unnecessary to say that I am satisfied with BuzzTalk, a powerful tool which I save a lot of time and energy. In short, all praise for BuzzTalk, which helps determine the success of my company"

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