Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Using computers, smartphones and tablets people spent more of their time online.

  • Since we have blogs and social media such as Twitter people participate more in the content creation process and express their opinions online.

    Organizations are expected to participate as well. Consumers expect them to listen and engage in their conversations, both positive and negative. What you don’t know might hurt you.

    This animation gives a clear picture on how Social Media Monitoring works, and how BuzzTalk can help you taking the most out out of social media.

BuzzTalk, the best technology for Content Curation!

  • Social Media Analysis

    Blogs have also become democratized. Nowadays everybody that want to express themselves can start a blog and become an influencer. BuzzTalk will track the most influential sources so you can connect with them.

    BuzzTalk enables you to both monitor sentiment on a high level as well as read the individual tweets, public Facebook updates and blogposts. You can easily filter out irrelevant buzz and focus on the most important messages.

    You can track whatever you want from persons to companies. Imagine you’re running a brand awareness campaign. With BuzzTalk you can easily track – in real-time – whether more people are talking about your brand and whether the sentiment of their messages is positive. Being able to derive meaning by recognizing patterns is a big advantage of using BuzzTalk.

  • Listen & Engage

    Listening is the first step you must take as a business. Listen to who’s talking about your brand or your industry. Discover how they talk about your competitors too. Track and monitor the sentiment (positive and negative) on a high level to discover patterns of progress.

    Engaging in the conversation is the next step. You might want to focus on the influencers first. People with high influence may spread the word faster than others. Also, negativity expressed by a digital influencer may harm you more than that of the average person.

  • Find and follow relevant influencers

    BuzzTalk has a tool that enables you to identify influencers that are relevant to your brand or industry. You can connect with these people directly from within BuzzTalk. This way you can start engaging them in the conversation to enable word of mouth.

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