Getting started with BuzzTalk

It's easy to get started. You only need a computer, an internet connection and a BuzzTalk account

  • Software as a Service

    No need to install local software as BuzzTalk is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) which lives in the cloud. You can easily access your subscription via any computer.

    In order to let you get familiar with BuzzTalk, we have a Proof of Concept plan. This allows you to monitor the web, including Twitter, for 3 months for a reduced price, including full support.

    The full-featured BuzzTalk not only monitors the web and social media but also includes offline (print) content. Dutch offline print is readily available. Other countries are added upon request for specific searches.

  • BuzzTalk pricing and plans

    To get started with BuzzTalk do not have to cost anything. You can simply start a free trial at BuzzCovery (powered by BuzzTalk). Create your account for BuzzCovery.

    A Basic account cost only  € 9,95 per month after the trial period. You then can scale up to a larger search range, export data, benchmarking and generate reports.

    Check out the possibilities to start BuzzCovery.

    Want in-depth content research companies then you are ready for a full-force BuzzTalk account. In that case, please contact us.