Decision Support

  • Decision Support with BuzzTalk

    Without timely information it’s difficult to make the right decision. BuzzTalk gives unprecedented access to unstructured, textual data, providing new market information to support decision making.

    You’ll be able to analyze what happened and even predict what may happen.

  • Scientific research based

    According to Asur and Huberman social media content can be used to predict real-world outcomes. In particular, they use the chatter from Twitter to forecast box-office revenues for movies. A model built from the rate at which tweets are created about particular topics can outperform market-based predictors.

    Sentiments extracted from Twitter can be utilized to further improve the forecasting power of social media.

    Behavioral economics tells us that emotions can profoundly affect individual behavior and decision making. Bollen et al.’s research results indicate that the accuracy of Dow Jones Industrial Average index predictions can be significantly improved by the inclusion of specific public mood dimensions (mood states), especially the calmness of an audience.

  • Monitor facts, sentiment and mood states

    BuzzTalk is perfectly suited for monitoring and analyzing tweets, blogs and news sites, and for picking, choosing, enhancing and presenting relevant information. BuzzTalk enriches content with factual tags but also sentiment and mood states.

    With BuzzTalk you can, for example:

    • identify and analyse new trends,
    • detect hypes and spikes,
    • monitor and analyse the reputations of people, companies and brands.

    It will do so in minutes.