Who uses BuzzTalk

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BuzzTalk has the potential of rapidly becoming a valuable tool for marketers, decision makers and professionals in a wide range of industries, providing them with an advantage over competition..

  • It is unnecessary to say that I’m satisfied with BuzzTalk, a powerful tool which I save a lot of time and energy. In short, all praise for BuzzTalk, which helps determine the success of my company

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  • Who uses BuzzTalk?

    BuzzTalk is a very versatile business application and can be used by a variety of B2B, B2C and non-profit organizations, such as:

    • Media and press bureaus.
    • Marketing agencies.
    • Research institutions.
    • Financial service providers (banking, fund management).
    • Political parties.
    • Governmental organizations.
    • Health care organizations.
    • Charity organizations.
    • News services (journalists and editors).
  • How to use BuzzTalk

    Depending on your goals you can use it to accomplish various tasks. To name a few examples:

    • Measure the effect of your brand awareness campaign (and that of your competitors).
    • Discover new insights for product development.
    • Monitor and analyze the reputations of people, companies and brands.
    • Find influencers to stimulate word of mouth.
    • Discover content to curate and re-use in content marketing and lead nurturing campaigns.
    • Build a community around your brand and establish yourself as thought leader.
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