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BuzzTalk structures the web so you can analyze

BuzzTalk indexes and structures publications, not only social media messages but also news sites, blogs, scientific journals and even offline publications (*).

You can use BuzzTalk to find answers to questions such as:

  • What are people writing about my brand, product, organization or CEO?
  • What are important trends in my industry?
  • When and where are people discussing my brand?
  • Who are relevant influencers in my industry whom I may contact? 

In addition you can also use BuzzTalk to jump start your content marketing strategy and become known as the thought leader in your industry.

(*) Printed media is currently only available in Dutch. Upon specific request we can include printed media from other countries too.


The Brain Behind BuzzTalk

Byelex was founded by Herman Vissia in 1994. Byelex was one of the first internet agencies to focus on Java enterprise projects, advanced websites, the implementation of artificial intelligence, and the creation and management of complex client portals in JAVA or .NET.

BuzzTalk has been developed by Byelex in cooperation with the State University in Minsk and communications and advice agency IvRM. In november 2012 Herman Vissia completed a PhD. at the State University in decision support and artificial intelligence.


BuzzTalk is a new, scientifically based, tool that leaves traditional monitoring tools well behind. BuzzTalk is the result of research into datamining, ontology based sentiment and mood state analyses and big data handling. BuzzTalk uses the so-called SaaS-model, which only charges you for what you really use. BuzzTalk's rates are determined on the basis of the number of search profiles and the number of documents and tweets that are linked to a particular search profile.


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BuzzTalk, the best technology for Content Curation!

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