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Traditional media such as newspapers aren't as popular as they used to be and their income from advertisers is suffering from it. But people didn't start to read less; they just turned to other sources.

People are reading from their smart devices

People spent more and more time online and read using their computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Every tablet comes with a great application called Flipboard. This is a wonderful representation of a digital magazine, with pictures and links and... it can be updated on the fly. Compare that to the static paper magazines!

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Publication Options

You can republish content to your digital magazine and/or to a webwidget to have a dynamic news module on your website.

Magazine Formats
BuzzTalk magazines are published in two formats: in Flipboard for the iPhone and iPad and in Letterboard for notebook, laptop and PC. For Android devices one can use Google Currents or Flipboard.

Monetize your magazine
Like traditional media you can populate your digital magazine with own comments and introductions, but also ads and other paid content.

How you can benefit from your own magazine

As every newspaper editor and magazine publisher knows: content is king! You need great content to fill your magazine in order for it to be relevant and fresh.

With BuzzTalk this is a piece of cake. Using the content discovery capabilities of BuzzTalk you can update your own digital magazine every morning when you drink your coffee or once a week according to your wishes.

This way you can deliver the latest news about your company and/or industry as soon as it arrives, keeping your clients updated and engaged. Position yourself as the go-to source for industry news.

Providing context

If you not only want to be the go-to source for news but want to add your own comments to the news, provide context and establish yourself as a thought leader in your market we have just the tools for you.

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Publishing Content

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