How content curation marketing is part of your future as a business

What is content curation and why do we need it?

Every day we are confronted with an enormous amount of information. Not everything is relevant to us or interesting or even unique. You may be thinking about an information diet, about restricting information, abandoning social media and avoiding your inbox. However, this is not the solution. A much better solution is to turn yourself to content curators. These are people, or companies, that structure the web and find publications that are unique, relevant and interesting. They share these publications with their audience as well as enhance the value of them by giving their own opinion.

Here’s an illustrative quote from Michael Wolff (author of Burn Rate and The Man Who Own The News) about ‘Curation Nation’, a book about curation by Steven Rosenbaum. “We need guides, we need filters, we need value. Curation Nation is the primer of how information is going to be processed in the future and how information businesses are going to prosper”.

Next I want to show you an interview with Robert Scoble in which he explains how he curates content.

After having seen this video you may conclude that curation is no walk in the park. However, you can curate more easily than he does as we’ll explain later. By the way, in this video Robert also demonstrates Flipboard, a digital magazine app. Using BuzzTalk you can create your own Flipboard magazine and populate it with relevant content.

Why the future of content is context

Internet marketeers used to say ‘content is king’, referring to the importance of having quality content to both please website visitors as well as search engines. While content is still important, essential, there is another type of information that is dominating the web. It’s conversations. In less than seven years, social media has changed the world and has made static websites as something of the past. It has become more and more about building relations and growing communities online. There isn’t a company that hasn’t included social media as part of their strategy or at least they are thinking about doing it. You could say ‘conversations are king’ as a conversation with a real person at least demonstrates interest.

However as years progress the amount of dialogues increase, the amount of connections rise and it’s becoming harder to have real personal relationships with all of your followers on Twitter, your business connections on LinkedIn and your ‘friends’ on Facebook. It’s time to curate people or… leverage this abundance.

Using computers and artificial intelligence you can do so much more. You can add context to all produced data, making it actionable information. As social media won’t go away, and the number of websites will keep multiplying we need better filters. We either need content curators or become a curator to others. We need to find the information and add value by reviewing and selecting the right pieces. This is called providing context or content curation marketing. If you’re smart you start doing it today and be part of the future.

How BuzzTalk acts as a content curation tool to help you as a business

BuzzTalk helps you to become a curator king and build thought leadership as a company by providing you with relevant sources that you can curate. The number of sources keeps on growing through crowd sourced learning. This enables you to find the identify and extract the most valuable content to keep track of your market news. Also, all data is structured to enable selection, ranking of content, pattern detection and analysis. This way you can be the first to spot a trend and report on it making you a thought leader in your field.

BuzzTalk also helps in building an audience on Twitter. You can identify important influencers (good people to follow and retweet) as well as publish your tweets in a selected time frame. Content curation marketing will increase brand recognition, website traffic and ultimately lead generation.

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