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Last week we introduced content marketing as the preferable alternative to interruption marketing. Interruption marketing is about cold calling and advertisements. Content marketing is about creating valuable content that targets the problems of your market. By doing so you become the thought leader, the go-to-company when a solution is needed.

Where does BuzzTalk come in?

To position yourself as an expert in your field you need to be well aware of what’s happening in your industry. BuzzTalk will enable you to stay on top of your world as you can find all relevant news, blogs and tweets and analyze them based on several criteria. This will help you find the topics your audience cares about, what’s interesting to them and what they may respond to. This will help you become the expert and as soon as you start writing about it, you are the expert!

How to find what’s hot so you can write about it or curate it

Suppose you’re covering the subject of cloud computing and you want to know what’s happening. Using BuzzTalk’s BuzzEvents you can discover all kinds of happenings in the world of cloud computing. In the screenshot below you see that cloud computing is hot because of the many product releases, visits & talks and merger & aquisitions.

You can create filters to further drill down into a topic and find relevant publications. For instance you can filter out Twitter to only look at news, blogs and other sources.

The next screenshot comprises of publications that are tagged ‘merger & aquisitions’ by tag category. For this topic we expect ‘company’ to be a major tag. We can drill down by clicking on the bar to find out which companies are involved.

By clicking and drilling you quickly get an overview of the entire industry and you can read the related publications. This helps you to get a feel for what’s happening that you can transform into a knowledgable article. Another interesting view would be to filter for negative sentiment (the red parts in the graph) and find what’s been published.

Another way to find what’s happening is to view the trending topics. This is an animated word cloud that changes in time. You can see which topics are relevant in a certain time period.

And there are even more ways of discovering content which we’ll be happy to demonstrate in a personal demo.

You can write about your own vision or combine several existing publications into an overview article (content curation).

Promote your articles in social media following the 10-4-1 rule

After you’ve published a piece of content you promote this in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You write an attractive text and point to your website using a link. This will attract more visitors to your site as people start sharing and retweeting your messages.

Most people don’t want to follow a Twitter account that is always pointing to the same blog. You need an effective mix of sources to become an expert. There is a simple but effective rule for Twitter promotion which is the 10-4-1 rule. This was described in the book ‘The B2B social media book: Become a marketing superstar by generating leads with blogging, linkedin, twitter, facebook, email and more’ by Kipp Bodnar (inbound marketing strategist at HubSpot) and Jeffrey L. Cohen (social strategist at Radian6).

  • Publish 10 messages with a link to third party sites (curate other people’s content).
  • Publish 4 messages with a link to your blog (your valuable articles).
  • Publish 1 promotional message with a link to a sales page (your value proposition).

Using BuzzTalk you can create your own digital magazine that people can read from their iPhone, iPad and other smart devices. You can easily re-use content from the internet – found through BuzzTalk – to populate your magazine. To find publications related to your topic using BuzzTalk is a breeze. You can schedule them and publish your own messages in between according to the 10-4-1 rule.

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