Industry analysis provides much needed context

A lot of BuzzTalk clients use the application to monitor their brand name and mainly look at the volume of the buzz. This usually is a good start and you’ll learn who is saying what, which sources matter most and which influencers you should be concerned about. However… there’s more. To interpret data you need context.

You can learn a great deal from benchmarking. You can compare yourself against your competitors in our benchmark reports. Compare the share of voice for instance or the advertising value gained. You can also compare your company against the total industry. To assess how you are doing, it’s important to know how others in your industry are doing. So let’s start there.

A comparison based on Buzz Events

Today we’re going to compare several industry reports in BuzzTalk to show you the difference in Buzz Event profile.

What is a Buzz Event?

A Buzz Event is also called a happening. It’s an occurence that can be recognized based on specific words in the publication’s title. At this moment BuzzTalk is capable of recognizing 35 different happenings amongst which are product release, employment change, criticism, partnership, murder, sanctions, robbery, conflict, law suits, company reorganization but also health issues, sports wins and environmental issues.

Comparing the online and offline industry

The following graphs are snapshots in time (summarizing the last 12 weeks) of the situation in the Netherlands only. We’ve included online news sites, blogs and offline media (news papers and magazines).

Profile of the publishing industry in the Netherlands:

buzztalk buzzevents publishing business

Profile of telecom and internet business in the Netherlands:

buzztalk buzzevents telecomandinternet business

The difference is striking and seems to confirm that traditional media are in trouble, whereas everything online is on the rise (with ‘product release’ as the major event type).

The message we want to leave you with is this: know the profile of your industry to better interpret your own data.

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