Media Analysis: How is Strukton’s 1 billion deal covered in the media?

Strukton is a Dutch technology provider for rail systems, with areas of expertise that include rail infrastructure, rail vehicles and mobility systems. And this week… Strukton is all over the news.

Strukton awarded large turnkey metro project

Strukton has been awarded a contract by Arriyadh Development Authority. It’s their biggest deal ever. In 5 years Strukton will provide a complete automatic and driverless metro system for the city of Riyadh. It currently is the largest subway under development in the world. Total contract value equals 6 billion euro’s and Strukton’s share is nearly 1 billion euro’s.

In the next graph you can see how the buzz about Strukton peaked in the week of 29th July 2013 (and this week isn’t even complete yet).

strukton in de media 2

Offline buzz as important as online buzz

In bringing the news about the megadeal online and offline media are equally active (52% versus 47% in the week starting 29 July). Twitter was omitted here though. Should we include Twitter the online buzz would likely exceed the offline buzz by far. However, Twitter are very short messages only and often contain links to online news sites and blogs. So what this picture tells us is that you cannot rule out printed media if you want to have a full picture of your media presence.

What else happened this period?

The next BuzzTalk graph show the BuzzEvents or happenings we could discover. There are only a few this time: there appears to be some conflict, one publication about employment change, one publication about bankruptcy and one publication about partnership.

Strukton events in the media

Conflict? Bankruptcy? Let’s find out what this is all about.

  • The conflict appears to be a planning conflict which nearly caused a collision between two trains in Utrecht central station in the Netherlands. One of the trains begin a goods train of Strukton.
  • The employment change event is about Gerard Sanderink who resigned at IT company Centric so as to spend more time woking an engineercompany Oranjewoud and Strukton.
  • The publication about bankruptcy is an offline publication that appeared in Cobouw-magazine. It’s not actually about Strukton, though they are mentioned in the article. A company MSVB went bankrupt last year and was taken over by Reco who earlier also adopted Buko’s and Stukton’s equipment services.
  • Finally, the publication about partnership is actually a Tweet that was embedded on a political news site. A local politician mentions Strukton is partnering with the Italian company AnsaldoBreda (known from the Fyra trains debacle) and expresses his surprise that this fact is not mentioned in the media.

How much advertising value did Strukton gain from their one billion deal?

From BuzzTalk we can make an export to Excel to show the advertising value per media type per day. In this 12-week reporting period (not fully shown in the graph below) the Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) is on average € 5825 per day. The offline advertising value is the highest (6064 euro per day on average compared to 2256 euro per day for online publications).

strukton advertising value

When we look at the moment when the megadeal was announced in the media, the advertising value skyrocketed. On 29th July the AVE sums up to 206 K EUR and on 30th July to 306 K EUR. Striking is the difference in timing. The news is covered by the online media first which is no surprise as it’s easier and faster to publish online than it is to print.

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