The power to influence is spreading to citizen influencers

When you are looking to increase your brand awareness or promote a new product or service, you may be used to turning to the traditional press as they have the power to influence. However, new ways are starting to emerge or have already emerged now influence is being democratized in a high speed.

Highly engaged consumers may already be tweeting and blogging about your brand or your industry. It’s almost too easy to connect with these bloggers, make them feel special and engage them to spread word of mouth.

Now of course this is not about the bloggers that just document the day as a hobby, but about bloggers that have a vision and create a thematic blog which can be about anything ranging from photography and food to b2b marketing.

BlogHer 2011 Social Media Matters Study revealed that more people are influenced by the opinion of a blogger when it comes to making a purchase (20 percent) than by promotions made by a celebrity (12 percent).

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The fashion industry is already taking advantage of this

One of the industries that has picked up on this trend is the fashion industry. The way fashion reaches consumers has changed over the past few years and companies have taken notice.

As Amanda-Raye, editor-in-chief of Broke & Chic, a blog about fashion, beauty and decor for the empty wallet, is saying: “For brands, this means tons of exposure for a small price. Connecting with bloggers gives companies a new chance to reach highly targeted, passionate readers. Sometimes, money isn’t even involved. Instead, casual bloggers are known to simple take free clothes and products.”

The impact of this is just beginning. If you can connect with influencers now you’ll reap the benefits of the early adopters. If you wait until your favorite blogger is promoting the competition you may just be too late. But why would you as it’s cheaper and more effective.

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